Our Services


Before we begin your site design, we meet with you and any key staff at your offices. Our goal is to support you in building a brand you are eager to promote. We get to know you, your business philosophy and what matters to you. We apply the tools, but the core of your brand will come from you.

Web Design and Development

Once we understand the essence of the products and services you provide, it's time to translate your core brand into a design. We'll review your personal aesthetic, sort through some examples to learn what you are drawn to and what excites you about interacting with your clients on the Web.

We'll support you in content developement as well. BedRock can ensure that all of your photos, text, blogs and social media are current and reflect your company's philosophy and style.

Once we develop your initial site, we'll meet with you to ensure our work reflects your company and brand. We are committed to providing you with personal, creative design services. BedRock will remain accessible and responsive throughout the design process. Once you are our client, we remain committed to supporting your brand for as long as you wish to retain us.